CrossCompute is a public benefit corporation registered in the State of New York. We create products and services that help organizations automate their analytics as web-based reports, tools, widgets, dashboards and step-by-step wizards. Organizations use our Analytics Automation System to publish step-by-step wizards that generate web-based reports.

CrossCompute is transforming how energy infrastructure and emergencies are planned. Our vision is to grow a marketplace where analysts create custom planning reports without touching code. Our mission is to inspire researchers to automate reports that improve health, safety and quality of life. Our motivation is to help researchers commercialize their computational inventions while protecting their intellectual property.

We are currently working on open source step-by-step wizards that communities can use to prepare their hazard mitigation grant proposals and plans in a way that is compliant with FEMA standards. We are focusing on natural hazards such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes with an emphasis on micro grid planning as a mitigation strategy for electrical infrastructure.

Publish Step-by-Step Wizards that Generate Web-Based Reports

Publishing Platform
Deploy your own step-by-step wizard to generate a custom web-based report for thousands of concurrent users.
Analytics Marketplace
Sell subscription access to your step-by-step wizard and web-based report.
Automation Framework
Transform your Jupyter notebook or command-line script into a step-by-step wizard that generates a web-based report.
Editing Service
Edit your step-by-step wizard and web-based report directly in the browser.
Data Warehouse
Provide a single access point for datasets with version control.

Bring Your Reports and Articles to Life

CrossCompute sells products and services for automating reports.

Uses by Industry

Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
Help your customers decide which product fits their needs by creating interactive decision support reports.
Microgrid Equipment Manufacturers
Help communities make a purchasing decision by letting them plan their own microgrid infrastructure in the browser.
Power Utilities
Generate living infrastructure maps that communicate planned upgrades, construction status and service disruptions.
News Organizations
Help readers connect with services in their community by embedding tables, charts, maps that are personalized to your reader's location.
Technical Publishing Companies
Provide interactive educational exercises for your readers.
Government Agencies and Trade Associations
Save time and money by automating routine reports.


Proven Uses

Report Automation
Automate your reports as PDF documents or interactive tools.
Solar Microgrid Planning
Plan solar microgrids for communities.
Electricity Grid Planning
Plan grid extensions that avoid obstacles and follow roads.
Electricity Distribution Network Mapping
Create a digital map of your electricity distribution network that can be analyzed by compatible software from your browser or phone.
Python for Analysts Workshops
Prepare Jupyter Notebooks for your data analysis and data science tutorials, workshops and classes.
Spatial Search Apps
Publish apps for searching databases as embeddable widgets or text message bots.
Investment Planning
Plan your investment strategy using our economic forecasting reports.
Runnable Report Publishing
Create your own runnable reports from your browser or from your machine.

Potential Uses

Emergency Mapping
Map resources in real-time using your phone or browser.
Emergency Planning
Help communities, residents and business draft their own emergency plans using automated reports.
Embedded Widgets for Resource Mapping
Embed maps and tables of nearby resources and services in your article.
Living Dashboards
Combine the tables, charts, maps from your report into a dashboard.
Infrastructure Status Map
Communicate the status of infrastructure projects to communities.
Lead Generation
Use machine learning to help your sales team prospect for leads.
Supplemental Material for Textbooks
Engage your readers with interactive reports and notebooks.


How to Run Existing Reports

Latest Platform (Option 1)

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with Google.
  3. Start a project.
  4. Add some reports.
  5. Switch to INPUT mode.
  6. Upload datasets and update variables.
  7. Click Run.

Legacy Platform (Option 2)

  1. Go to
  2. Open a tool, result or notebook.
  3. Upload datasets and update variables.
  4. Click Run.

How to Publish Your Own Reports

Latest Platform (Option 1)

  1. Install the CrossCompute JupyterLab Extensions from the Python Package Index.
  2. Start JupyterLab on your machine.
  3. Create your report using for reference.

Legacy Platform (Option 2)

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create for Free to start a Jupyter Notebook session in your browser.
  3. Create your report using for reference.


Report Automation Framework
Open Source Framework for Automating Reports Using Python + Markdown + CSS
Report Automation Extensions for JupyterLab
Open Source Extensions for Automating Reports in JupyterLab
Runnable Report Publishing Platform
Online Platform for Publishing Reports Created Using the CrossCompute Framework
Runnable Report Commercialization Platform
Online Platform for Selling Access to Reports Created Using the CrossCompute Framework
Electricity Distribution Network Mapping
Web-based System for Mapping Electricity Distribution Networks For Power System Analysis
Electricity Infrastructure Planning Reports
Reports for Planning Electricity Infrastructure such as Grid Extensions and Solar Mini-grids, including OnSSET, NetworkPlanner, Microgrid Placement, Microgrid Design, Power Flow Analysis, Outage Risk Analysis, Settlement Clustering, OpenStreetMap Dataset Extraction, Electrification Scenario Visualization
Building Satellite Image Recognition
Algorithms for Finding Buildings in Satellite Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Help via SMS
Bot for Querying Nearby Emergency Services Via Text Message


Report Automation Training + Support
Accelerate the automation of annual, monthly or quarterly reports that contain tables, charts, maps customized for each recipient.
Computational Analysis Training + Support
Learn how to apply advanced analytical techniques in your reports such as microgrid planning, operations research, spatial optimization, spatial analysis, remote sensing, financial analysis and office automation.
Platform Development Training + Support
Learn how to build your own analytics platform from scratch within your organization.
Training + Support Terms of Service
Preview what your organization will get in a Training + Service contract with CrossCompute.


Thank you to our current contributors: Kashfi Fahim, Miguel Ángel Gordián, Olga Creutzburg, Marta Moreno, Samuel Edandison, Roy Hyunjin Han.

Thank you to those who have helped us over the years: Rodrigo Guarachi, Salah Ahmed, Polina Chernomaz, Ning Wei, Eugen Fomenko, Noé Domínguez Porras, Alex Hofmann, Ji Yoon Lee, Tyler Doyle, Ethan Epstein, Shaky Sherpa, Trevor David Rhone, Cathaleen Kaiyoorawongs, Jennifer Ruda, Matt Henning, Elizabeth Ritter, Chenxin Han, Soo Ji Choi, Yao Kou, Ying Zhou, Margarita Zias, Elaine Chan, Aida Shoydokova, Lauren Talbot, Benjamin Dean, Catherine Kwan, Nicholas O'Brien, Michael Flowers, Matt Basinger, Dorcas Murai, Christopher Horner, Liliana Durán, Ariana Gradow, Selin Kocaman, Rajesh Menon, Jessica Leon, Diego Saenz, Paul Everitt, Jake Maslow, Edwin Adkins, Chris Natali, Susan Kum, Aly Sanoh, Vijay Modi.

Thank you to these organizations: Tampa Bay Innovation Center, Python Software Foundation, DevLabs México, American Public Power Association, U.S. Department of Energy, Tech Incubator at Queens College, Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Lab at Columbia University, World Bank, NYC Mayor's Office of Data Analytics.

Capability Statement

CrossCompute is transforming how energy infrastructure and emergencies are planned. Our vision is to grow a marketplace where analysts create custom planning reports without touching code. Our mission is to inspire researchers to automate reports that improve health, safety and quality of life. Our motivation is to help researchers commercialize their computational inventions while protecting their intellectual property.


2006 - Present (15 years)
Building report automation platforms for data analytics
2009 - Present (12 years)
Deploying optimization algorithms as web-based reports
2018 - Present (3 years)
Creating custom geospatial information systems



Industry Classification

NAICS 511210, 518210, 541511, 541512

Case Studies

Python Powered CrossCompute Report Automation for eReliability Tracker Leads to Cost and Time Savings for the American Public Power Association
Learn how a national trade association transformed a 3-6 month labor intensive process into a highly flexible automated report that can leverage the full analytical power of Python.

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